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Sirena 1 sezonas
Siren 1 Season

The coastal town of Bristol Cove, known for its legend of once being home to mermaids, is turned upside down when a mysterious young woman (Eline Powell) appears and begins wreaking havoc upon the small fishing town. Marine biologists Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) work together to find out who and what drove this primal hunter of the deep sea to land, and are there more like her out there
  • Kokybė: WEB-DLRip
  • Pridėta: 10 Serija - Lietuvių kalba
  • 7.4 (balsai: 1937)
Sirena 1 sezonas / Siren 1 Season (2018) online
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