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One Tree Hill (1 Sezonas)
One Tree Hill Season 1

The unaired pilot delves into Tree Hill's sordid past, exploring the story of Dan and Karen's relationship, her pregnancy, and Dan's fateful decision to marry his college sweetheart, Deb and raise their son Nathan. The story moves into the present, where Lucas begins school at Tree Hill High. There he meets Mouth, Skills, and the rest of the Tree Hill gang and finds that his talent and passion for basketball is unmatched. That is, until he confronts his half-brother, Nathan, who is less than pleased to share the limelight... on or off the court. So begins the continuing saga of Tree Hill's two finest athletes - two brothers united by blood but divided by family... this is where it all begins.
  • Kokybė: BDRip
  • Atnaujinta 4 serija (lietuviški subtitrai)
  • 7.6 (balsai: 67312)
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