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Mylėkite mane (1 Sezonas)
Please Like Me Season 1

Twenty something Josh is going through a number of big changes as he navigates his first decade of adulthood. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he comes to the realization that he is gay. After that shocker, he moves back into the family home to help care for his mother, who has previously attempted suicide. He later moves out and into a house with best friend Tom. With his life in disarray, big challenges await Josh in his immediate future, which are especially hard for someone like him, who with a natural aversion to drama and emotion. So he deals with it all; only in his own awkward, self-centered way.
  • Kokybė: BDRip
  • Atnaujinta 6 serija (angliškas įgarsinimas)
  • 8.5 (balsai: 12649)
MYLĖKITE MANE (1 Sezonas) / PLEASE LIKE ME Season 1 online
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