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Kartą Deadwood'e (2019)
Once Upon a Time in Deadwood
3 Spalio 2019
Once Upon a Time in Deadwood is a movie starring Robert Bronzi, Michael Paré, and Karin Brauns. A notorious gunslinger is slipped a slow-acting poison by an heiress and told he has three days to track down and rescue her sister, who...
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Pragaro mergina (2019)
Hell Girl
4 Geg. 2019
A demonic creature not of this world impregnates a woman. 160 years later a team of ghost hunters must set aside their quick buck party mentality when they discover one of their team is the offspring of the entity haunting the place - and its true target. The offspring and her friends become uneasy allies with the ghost of the mother to destroy the demon
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